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Welcome to our story!

Welcome to the home page for KALRISSAN ROTTWEILERS. We are a small, select kennel dedicated to breeding ROTTWEILERS sound in both mind and body. Coming from a veterinary nursing background, temperament & physical soundness are very important to me. Currently, I am a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Operating Theatre at a very busy, regional teaching hospital in Queensland, Australia.

My journey with this wonderful breed commenced in 1986 with the breeding of my first litter under the prefix Kalasait. From this litter, I kept a dog, KALASAIT GHENGIS KHAN, who became my first introduction to the showing scene. Whilst not the greatest show specimen, Khan had a great temperament, was sound and remained a much loved member of our household. The 'show bug' bit hard though and I was to soon purchase my first show bitch, KATHJEAN LADI KARA, who became my first champion. She was soon joined by BULLWEILER DONNA, who became my second champion. Both of these girls are the foundation of my kennel and even today I can still see their influence. The following pages are dedicated to the wonderful dogs and bitches who have made my journey such a success story.

To contact us: e-mail:

Above LEFT: A typical Kalrissan baby @ 6 weeks

Above RIGHT : Our first Rottweilers (with their little friend in the middle)




We also enjoy all manner of reptiles and amphibians and additionally care for injured and sick wild reptiles and frogs - see their pages as well.  There is a page for some of the different species we have kept - and still keep today.

We hope you enjoy our website - it is updated regularly, so let us know what you think.

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