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Eastern Bearded Dragons

Who can stop at one type of Beardie??? We also enjoy our Easern Bearded Dragons. These guys are also delightful to own. Meet the crew below.

Baby EBDs

Check out these cuties


Kirby came to us as a rescue some time ago - He was siezed as part of a police drug bust and no-one wanted him, so he came to live legally with us. He is awesome and very gentle - nothing is too much trouble for him. He was very underweight when he came but he is now looking good after some TLC (and a lot of good food & sunshine). He also had terrible rostral rub wounds on his lower jaw when he came (which have now healed) but he still bears a scar. He had osteomyelitis in his jaw (from the rostral rub) and received aggressive antibiotics for months. His tail was also broken in 3 places. He has been with me for years now and is happy and well adjusted.


Vella is a young female who has had all the best care from hatching. She has been with us since about 6-weeks of age and is growing well. She loves to hang out during the days with Rubin, our male Frilly. They are often seen chilling out together.


Myka is Vella's sister and also has a great personality. Myka's best friend is a little CBD called Parker, who sadly was attacked by a sibling due to another breeder failing to separate them early enough. Parker very nearly died as a result of the injuries and was paired up with Myka once all treatment was completed specifically, due to her awesome gentle and patient temperament. 

The photo below of the two lizards is an Eastern Bearded Dragon on the Left and a young Central Bearded Dragon on the Right. The Easterns are typically grey-ish in colour with the Centrals being anywhere from yellow to bright red.  

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