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Here is a look at the KALRISSAN GIRLS. We firmly believe that the strength of any kennel lies in the quality of the girls. On these pages you will be introduced to our current girls. You can see the dogs that have made them what they are on the other pages on this site.


DOB 24/08/12

Milla is sired by AUST CH Kalrissan Cold Fire 'Navar' who was a great dog in his day - see his page for information about this amazing dog. Milla's mum was AUST CH Kalrissan Dreamcatcher 'Scout' another very good Rottweiler. 

Milla has all the qualities of both of her parents - very high drives and is extremely athletic. She carries the soundness that I have come to expect from my dogs with a Hip

Score of 4 (2:2) and 0:0 elbows. More importantly, she has an excellent temperament and is a delight to live with.

Photos at 13 months

Below: Hannah at 2 years


DOB 11/06/2016

Hannah is sired by MULTI BISS/BIS AUST GRAND CH Fernwood Terminal Velocity (IMP UK) 'Remus'- see his page. Her mum is KALRISSAN REIGN OF FIRE 'Milla' - see her above. Hannah is a lovely girl with an amazing temperament - the legacy of her breeding. She has a Hip Score of 1 (0:1) with 0:0 elbows. Hannah lives at the Yelta Boarding Cattery and is very good with other animals. She has a very gentle disposition and is an extremely tolerant dog. 


DOB 14/12/2021

Riley is sired by AUST CH Camerott Cuban Chaos 'Çuba' and her mum is Kalrissan Redline 'Hannah' (see above). 

So far Riley is still developing her personality and is learning to navigate life! She is learning to get along with the Sheep and other animals in the house. 

The photo left is at 6 weeks of age

The photos below are at 5 weeks and 6 months

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