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  Welcome to the early KALRISSAN BOYS. On these pages you will find the dogs that have made my current dogs what they are. You will find a picture of each of the dogs and can then go to the gallery pages for some more shots of them and their progeny. We hope you like them as much as we do.


 DOB 27/02/06               Photo at 3 years

Look at our new addition! Ione has joined us at Kalrissan for a while as part of our 2009 show team. A big thank you to Lynda Doyle (LUDENDORF ROTTWEILERS) for giving us the opportunity to show such a great Rottweiler. Ione is by NRC(A) & AUST CH LUDENDORF ERIK and out of LUDENDORF FALLON. His breeding needs no introduction as they are often seen winning at specialty level. Ione was Dog CC, Reserve in Show and Junior in Show at the 2007 QLD ROTTWEILER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. His 1/2 sister MULTI BISS AUST CH LUDENDORF GEORGIE went Bitch CC, Open in Show and Best in Show. Ione was just into the junior dog class at this show. He has now matured into a very handsome dog.

Ione has settled in well and from his first shows has surpassed all of our expectations. He went Best In Group, Open in Group, Reserve in Show and Open in Show at his first efforts in the all-breeds ring. He followed this up the following day with another Best in Group and Open in Group. Not bad for a dog that has never seen any other type of dog other than a Rottweiler!! We hadn't even had him for 2 weeks! You would never have guessed, as he took it all in his stride, showing his heart out. He has the makings of a truley awesome showdog. Importantly as well, Ione is a delight to live with - his manners are impeccable with all who meet him.

At his second weekend of showing, Ione went Reserve in Group, Open in Group and then followed it up winning best Open in Show. At his third outing, Ione gained his AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION conformation title in style, winning Best of Breed, Reserve in Group and Best Australian Bred in Show. Not a bad effort from 6 shows!! The next show, again Ione went Best in Group and Open in Group.

 STOP PRESS: Ione went BEST IN SHOW at the Lismore & District Kennel Club on the 26th June 2009. Well done Ione. The photo below is from this show. He also recently went Best in Group again, making this his 5th group in a few weeks.

Iones critique from the 2007 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND SHOW (from the Junior Class) reads:

16 month old large dog. Excellent in body and bone substance. Very typey dog. Needs to be more attentive. Very typey head. Ears are a little lowset, well carried. Excellent stop. Dark brown eyes. Short and strong muzzle. Complete and scissor bite. Excellent inner mouth pigmentation. Strong neck. Very good in back end. Very well developed chest. Excellent front. Excellent top and under lines. Strong rear. Excellent front and rear angulation. Free in movement.

Grading: V1 Dog CC Junior in Show Reserve in Show

Our last show with Ione was the 2009 Rottweiler Club Queensland Championship Show in July, where he went V2, Reserve Dog CC and RESERVE IN SHOW - Another big achievement for this truly great Rottweiler.

Photos at 3 years


DOB: 19/05/02    Photo at 18 months

Vader is sired by MULTI V RATED, MULTI BISS/MULTI BIS AUST GRAND CHAMPION FERNWOOD TERMINAL VELOCITY (IMP UK) "Remus" (See the foundation dogs page) and is out of our own AUST CH KALRISSAN FIRESTARTER "Hanya" (see the early girls page). Vader boasts a stellar English pedigree comprised of dogs from some very old and world-renowned kennels. He enjoyed a very successful, although short show career before retiring to my mothers boarding cattery as the 'welcoming' party. Vader was never fond of the showring, preferring instead to languish in style at 'the fat farm!' Vader has a georgous head, lovely bone and a great topline.

Vader had many Group and Class in group wins and was titled at the tender age of 22 months, even beating his sire Remus on two occasions - no easy feat! Today Vader can be found assisting with the day to day duties of cattery life and ensuring that everybody is safe at night. 

 Vader is available at stud only to approved, certified bitches.

Photo at 18 months   

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Darth Vader 'Vader'  

Hip Score 4 (2:2) Elbows 0:0


Photo at 5 1/2 months of age

Introducing a new family member - 'Gus'. Gus was bred by Lynda & Robert Doyle of Ludendorf Kennels in Melbourne. Gus has recently been re-named 'Captain Destructo"!!! He loves to re-shape everything he touches!!!

He is settling in well and has to date, only been to one show. He is a very large puppy for his age and for that reason, will be taking it easy for a while. Being large also means that he can reach more!!!! He has an outstanding, confident temperament and despite his propensity for destruction is already a much loved member of our family.

Gus is sired by LUDENDORF FERRO and out of LUDENDORF EVIE. He is a full/ repeat brother to AUST CH LUDENDORF JAEGER and LUDENDORF JANA and carries the exact same breeding as AUST CH LUDENDORF IONE. All of these dogs have been multi V-rated at specialty level. 

Gus' first show was at the tender age of 7 months. Much to our surprise, he went Best of Breed, beating much older Champion Rottweilers!! Good on you Gus. We'll see what you can do when you master the 'show stand'.

Photo's below at 5 1/2 months

 Photo's below at 8 1/2 months

 Below are some shots of Gus at age 10 1/2 mths at the ROTTWEILER CLUB QLD Open Show 2010, where he was awarded 2nd place in the puppy dog class. He is still large for his age and is still settling into himself. We are very happy with the way he is growing and he will be an impressive dog on maturity. He has a great temperament & loves to work.

 Gus has just had his second and third all-breed shows where he was awarded Dog Challenge on both days, Best of Breed on the first and Runner-up Best of Breed (to our Scout) at the second - Note that he is still in the puppy class, so not a bad achievement. 

Below are some shots of Gus at age 11 months. As you can see he is growing into a very handsome fellow.

Gus is continuing to do his breeding proud, now close to his AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION title and with 5 Juniour in Group awards to his name. He was Best of Breed at his last 3 shows.

STOP PRESS: At the 2010 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND Championship Show Gus was awarded FIRST in the Junior Dog Class under Mr. Christian BERNBACHER (Austria) & JUNIOR IN SHOW. He was the only dog V-rated in this class. Well done Gus. His critique from this show reads:

15 months. Medium size, strong build with excellent head. Dark eyes and dark mouth pigmentation. Strong stop, short and strong muzzle. Strong bones. very good width and depth of chest. Could be better angulated in the rear. Friendly and alert. Very good top and underline. Slightly sloping croup. Excellent coat and brown markings. Free movement.


Gus then followed up the very next weekend and received Best of Breed at all 3 All-Breeds shows, gaining his final points for his AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION conformation title. All at the tender age of 15 months! We are very proud of Gus' achievements.


DOB: 14/10/09 

Introducing our youngest Kalrissan addition: 'Dexter' is sired by MULTI V-Rated/ BIS AUST CH Ludendorf Ione and is out of our MULTI V-Rated AUST CH Kalrissan Heartbreaker. Dexter has just joined our household as he was born and raised by my sister Sharon. We are very happy with this young fellow and he will debut in the showring soon. Look out for this youngster.

   Photo's above at 6 weeks

   Photo's below at 9 weeks

    STOP PRESS: Dexter has just had his first show: The ROTTWEILER CLUB QLD OPEN SHOW on the 20th Feb 2010 where he surpassed all our expectations and went BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW! Well done Dexter - what a start. Below are some shots from this show at age 16 weeks. Dexter has now had another 2 all-breeds shows where he was awarded best Baby of Breed at both shows. From his next All-Breed shows, Dexter was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Group twice and Best Minor Puppy in Group 5 times. Dexter is now enjoying a short break from the showring as he is growing very fast at the moment.

Photo below at 7 months

STOP PRESS: At the 2010 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND Championship Show Dexter was awarded FIRST in the Minor Puppy Dog Class under Mr. Christian BERNBACHER (Austria) & BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW. Well done Dexter. His critique from this show reads:

Eight and a half months. Medium sized, strong build. Typical head. Dark eyes. Mostly dark mouth pigmentation. Medium sized, correctly carried ears. Strong stop. Correct bone strength. Very good chest proportions. Very good top and underline. Slightly soft in back. Excellent coat with brown markings. Friendly and alert. Free movement.


 The next shows, Dexter went into the Puppy Class and received Puppy In Group both shows. Keep up the good work!!

Photos below at 7.5 months

  Photos below at 17 months


DOB: 23/04/07

Hummer is one of our latest imports after having the pleasure of importing his mother AUST CH HAWAIIs HALE O SHEBA (IMP USA) from her breeder Mr Andreas Knapp in beautiful Hawaii (See Sheba on her own page). Sheba stayed with us for a year, during which time she gained her conformation title in just 6 weeks, before returning home to whelp 9 puppies (by NRC(A) & AUST CH LUDENDORF ERIK). We were proud to be given the opportunity to import Hummer (and his sister Pele) from this litter. See Pele on her own page.

Hummer exceeded all of our expectations and gained his Australian Champion title at the tender age of 13 months! He was a multi Best of Breed winner from the tender age of 6 months and one week old! He has also been awarded many Class in Group awards, including Minor Puppy (x 4), Puppy (x 5) and Junior (12 to date). 

Photo at 14 months

 Hummer has been under one specialist judge, who awarded him first in his class (His sister AUST CH Hawaii's Pele also won her class and was awarded Best Minor Puppy of Breed). His critique from the Minor Puppy Dog class at this show reads:

Medium to large dog 6 months of age. Good in type. Strong boned, Compact and Friendly. Broad skull, good stop, broad and deep muzzle. Medium size ears carried low. Eyes are medium, almond shaped. Dark gum pigmentation with dark pigmentation of lips. Neck of medium length, a little loose skin. Broad chest, sufficient spring of rib. Sufficient front angulation, loose shoulders, strong pasterns, straight front feet, toes well knuckled. Short croup. Correct underline, sufficient rear angulation, sufficient width of thigh, strong hocks. Back feet tight and well knuckled. Correct length of coat, dark brown well defined markings. Sufficient reach in front. Scissor bite. Two normally descended testicles. Graded VP1

He also recently went Opposite Sex Puppy In Show at the 2008 Rottweiler Club Queensland Open Show. Hummer now resises with friends Terry and Anita and their companion Rottweiler, Sahara.

   Photo above at 14 months winning Junior In Group                                    

   Photo below: Hummer 12 mths winning best Junior                                        

The very Early Boys

Here I will introduce you to some of the boys from our past. These earlier dogs have helped to shape the dogs of our present and for that reason they are greatly endeared to us. Their breeding is behind most of our current showteam and we are grateful for our time with them.


DOB: 19/12/98                 Photo at 15 months

Amra was sired by MULTI V RATED, MULTI BISS/BIS AUST GRAND CH FERNWOOD TERMINAL VELOCITY (IMP UK) "Remus" and out of our own AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE "Camilla". Amra was owned and much loved by Mr. Stephen Moller and was handled to all of his wins by Melissah Taffijn.

Amra had a very successful show career both at All-Breeds and specialty level. At the 1999 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, Amra was awarded Puppy In Show at the tender age of 6 months and one week old, under Mr Deiter Hoffman (Germany). His sire "Remus" was Best In Show, keeping it 'in the family'.

At the 2000 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, Amra was Reserve Dog CC and Reserve In Show (again his sire was Best In Show) under Mrs. J. Bloom (UK).

 Amra sired AUST CH KALRISSAN CRIMSON MOON "Khia", AUST CH KALRISSAN KAVIAH BURMA "Burma" (Khia's sister), AUST CH BRESCOTT RISING STORM "Larnie" and has sired champions for other kennels.  

Amra enjoyed sitting back and watching his house mate and grandson AUST CH BRESCOTT STORM BRINGER "Archie" winning at both specialty and All-Breeds level. He was often seen visiting a show for the veterans parade.

Photo at 5 years

Photo above at 10 years

 Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Amra 'Amra' 

Tragically, Amra passed away in February 09 doing what he loved best - getting ready for a dog show. Amra will be sadly missed. His influence though will live on in his kids, grandkids and beyond. A big thank you Amra, for what you have done for us.


DOB: 12/11/90        Photos at 22 months

Kayden was sired by AUST CH KHIVENIR TYSON and was a son of AUST CH KATHJEAN LADI KARA, our first foundation bitch.

 Also nicknamed 'our gentle giant', Kayden was one whose calling was not in the showring. Whilst successful at All-Breeds level, Kayden's true calling was at the cattery. He would greet everybody and worry about the welfare of the Burmese kittens - He would sit with them for hours. He just couldn't be bothered with the chore of running around the showring, but despite this was titled at 23 months of age, with many In Group wins along the way. Kayden had a Hip Score of 7 (2:5). He was a very large dog, with a strong head to match and excellent bone. He had a wonderful temperament and like his dam "Kara", loved anything small (see him below watching over one of the Yelta Burmese kittens).

Pedigree for   AUST CH Kalrissan Rising Fury 'Kayden'

Hip Score 7 (2:5)


DOB:   16/09/91     Photo at 10 months

Navar was sired by BOCHOLT ARAPAHO OF CARANNA (IMP UK) "Midge", a dog imported to Australia by Ken & Lynn Carr. His dam was AUST CH Bullweiler Donna "Chloe", one of my foundation bitches. He carries some very old English breeding, including Poirot and Chesara; lines that are still recognised today.

 Navar was a dog of outstanding character and strength. His reserve was put to the test at age 14 months where he suffered a broken leg and endured a long battle to save it. Prior to this, he stamped his mark in the showring winning OPP MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW at the 1992 NSW ROTTWEILER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW under Herr Deiter Hoffman (Germany).

His crituque from this show reads:

Large dog. Well built. Attentive. Strong head. Medium sized ears. Dark brown eyes. Scissor bite. dark flecked lips. Well muscled neck. Forequarters correct. Good topline. Well angulated. Free movement. Strong coat. Very good markings, slightly rusty on paws.

He then followed up with Minor Puppy in Show at the Junior Kennel Club Show under Mr. H. Field and then Puppy of Breed and Puppy in Group at the 1992 Brisbane Royal National Show under Mr. M. Farkashasi (Hungary). Unfortunately, he then spent a long 18 months fighting osteomyelitis after an accident and endured many painful operations to save his leg. We were told that he would never be sound again, but Navar had other ideas, proving all the specialists wrong. In a 12 - week period at age 3 1/2 years, not only did he return to the showring, but achieved his Australian Champion conformation title in just 5 weeks!

Navar sired the following champions: AUST CH KALRISSAN COLD AS STONE, AUST CH TERRAC BLACK KIJANA, AUST CH TERRAC GOLDEN GLOW, AUST CH UNZERSTORBAR WILD FIRE and AUST CH UNZERSTORBAR WILD STORM. He is also behind a lot of my current dogs. Navar has a Hip Score of 6 (3:3). We have semen frozen from this dog.

His only littermate AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE " Camilla" was also a great bitch in her own right (See Camilla's page).

 Navar's real value though, was as a loyal companion: He NEVER gave up, even when the cards were stacked against him. He is sadly missed even today. I have had the pleasure of using semen from Navar 24 years after his death and absolutely love his daughter 'Milla'- she is now 10 and grand mother to my youngest dog - Riley (see the girls page). His legacy lives on!

Photos at 3 1/2 years

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Cold Fire 'Navar' 

Hip Score 6 (3:3)


DOB: 28/06/97               Photo at 3 years

Tyrus was sired by our first import FERNWOOD QUEST (IMP UK) 'Torrin' and was out of AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE 'Camilla'. Tyrus was a much loved member of the Carter household and was handled to his wins by Glenda.

Tyrus was Junior In Show at the 1998 QUEENSLAND ROTTWEILER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW and was placed 3rd in the Australian Bred dog class at the 1999 QUEENSLAND ROTTWEILER CLUB SHOW under Walter Werner (Germany). His critique from this show reads:

Large. Medium strong dog with a strong head with medium cheek development. Short and broad muzzle. Medium size, correctly carried ears. Short, strong back. Very good chest development. Correct shoulder placement. Straight in front. Straight back. Good, well muscled hindquarters with medium angulation. Short coat. Red/ brown markings which is slightly small on chest. Good movement but falls on the forehand. Scissor bite.

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Touch the Fire 'Tyrus' 

Hip Score 1 (0:1)


 DOB: 26/05/90

Saxon was sired by AUST CH ABAKAHN GEMBAR CHARRO "Charro" and was out of our foundation bitch AUST CH BULLWEILER DONNA "Chloe". Saxon was never originally sold as a show dog, but a marriage split saw him enter a new home with Mr Darrel Booth. 

As fate sometimes has it, George & Glenda Carter from Terrac Rottweilers spotted him one day on the street and felt that he was too good to not be shown. So, at age 4 and 1/2 years, Saxon was given a crash course on standing (as opposed to sitting for his food) and received Best of Breed at his first show. A good start everybody agreed, but this was followed up at his second show - the 1994 ROTTWEILER CLUB OF QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, where he went Dog CC and Reserve In Show under Mrs Hildegard Mikoleit (USA). He then (with more practice!) went on to gain his conformation title in just a few weeks of showing, with many Best In Groups along the way.

Saxon was mated to AUST CH KALRISSAN SPELLBOUND CD "Cilla" and produced Melissah Taffijn's AUST CH TERRAC CASTA SPELL "Jordan", who went on to become a multi Specialty In Show winner, All-Breeds Best In Group winner and Class In Group winner.

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Kotar Saxon 'Saxon'

Hip Score 4 (2:2)

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