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The Early Girls

Here you will find some of the girls that came before the current girls. They are all related and you will see their traits have carried on strongly.


  DOB: 07/04/06    Photo at 2 years

Freya (otherwise called pig), is a daughter from Khia's first litter. She is sired by KALRISSAN WILD COEUR, a beautiful young dog bred, but not owned by us. She has a 2 (1:1) Hip Score with 0:0 elbows, continuing our tradition of soundness. Freya is a delight to own and is often found keeping our sheep company. She is the 'peace keeper' of the family and has an aversion to violence of any kind. She is a very gentle soul and will 'tell the young dogs off' if they start to act up. She is a very different dog to her mother, who is usually the instigator of trouble!!!

Freya is however, obsessed with sponges and gloves and will bury Chris's grouting sponges and gloves all around the property. She even goes to great lengths to get them (she gets her determination & persistence from her mum!). She has even been known to hide the odd mobile phone!! Life would not be the same without this girl.

Photo at 7 weeks                                      Photo at 14 weeks

Freya is just coming into her stride in the showring. Her first month of showing this year (08) has seen her 3/4 of the way to her conformation title, with Best of Breed and Class in Group wins to her credit. She was titled only a few weeks later with more In Group awards to her credit. This makes Freya our first TAILED Rottweiler!

Freya's critique from the 2007 ROTTWEILER CLUB QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW reads:

14.5 months old. Medium size. Medium in bone and body substance. Little, highset and well carried ears. Good stop. Dark brown eyes. A little curve on muzzle. Complete and scissor bite with excellent inner mouth pigmentation. Excellent front. Very good top and excellent underline. Tail is well carried. Good in front angulation. Very good in rear angulation.

Mr. Alfredo Estrada Santiago (Mexico)

Photo above at 2 years

Above at 14 months

Pedigree for: AUST CH Kalrissan Crimson Tide 'Freya'

Hip Score 1:1 (2) Elbows: 0:0

and AUST CH Kalrissan Heartbreaker 'Mia'

Hip Score 1:1 (2) Elbows: 0:0


Mia is another Khia daughter by KALRISSAN WILD COEUR and is a full sister to AUST CH Kalrissan Crimson Tide 'Freya'. She has a 2 (1:1) Hip Score and 0:0 elbows. This one definately takes after her mother and has been apty named MIA, or Missing In Action!! From the time this one opened her eyes, she was a challenge - seen climbing out of the whelping box at the tender age of 6 days (with no eyes opened yet!!) and climbing a fence to escape at the age of 5 weeks. She has a brain and she is not afraid to use it!! Luckily however, she is very easily trained and lives with my sister and her family. She has a wonderful temperament and is great with children.

Mia has also had success in the showring and was V Rated (and placed) at the tender age of 14 months. She was incorrectly entered in the open bitch class, but despite this, did not disappoint us. Her critique from the 2007 Rottweiler Club Queensland Championship Show reads:

14 months old. Medium size female, good bone and body substance. She has a typey head, well set and very well carried ears. Very good stop. Dark brown eyes, short and strong muzzle. Would like to see more zygomatic arch. Complete scissor bite. Very good front, very good top and underline. Strong rear. Tail very well carried. Free movement. Very good in front and rear angulation.

Mr. Alfredo Estrada Santiago (Mexico)

Photo above at 14 weeks

Photo above at 3yrs

Photo below at 2 years

STOP PRESS: Mia was recently V Rated again at the 2008 - 18th National Rottweiler Specialty Show under Gergana Atanassove (Bulgaria). She placed 7th out of a tough class of 27 bitches. Well done Mia.

Pedigree details for Mia, see her sister's page above: AUST CH Kalrissan Crimson Tide Photo below at 4.5 yrs


 DOB: 06/02/04      Photo at 22 months

Sheba came to us early '06 and quickly became part of the family. She is sired by AM CH CHANCELLORS CONAN EQUALIZER, a very handsome dog who enjoyed a successful show career in California before joining the Knapp household in sunny Hawaii. Conan is the culmination of some very successful American kennels, including Iron Chancellor, Gamegards and Blackrock. Sheba's mother KALRISSAN KA PUA AHI "Koa" was bred by me, a daughter of our first English import FERNWOOD QUEST (IMP UK). 

Sheba was originally to stay with us for a couple of years, but exceeded our expectations in the showring and consequently, gained her conformation title after just 6 weeks of showing. She went Best of Breed many times and consistently won her class in Group. She then retuned home to whelp her first litter (to NRC(A) & AUST CH LUDENDORF ERIK). We have subsequently imported two of these puppies: AUST CH HAWAIIs ALAKAI and AUST CH HAWAIIs PELE (you can see them on their own pages). We try to catch up with Sheba regularly. Its a tough job to have to go to Hawaii, but someones got to do it!!!

Photos at 22 months

Photos at 2 1/2 years


DOB: 23/04/07    Photo at 4 months

Pele is sired by NRCA & AUST CH LUDENDORF ERIK and is out of AUST CH HAWAIIs HALE O SHEBA (IMP USA). Pele is one of two from the litter that we imported back into Australia. You can see her brother AUST CH HAWAIIs ALAKAI "Hummer" on his own page. Pele is a delight to own and is always eager to please.

She has done very well for herself to date from limited showing. She was placed first in a large class under a specialist SA judge. She then beat her brother "Hummer" for Minor of Breed. Her critique from this show reads:

6 month old bitch. Medium size. Good in type. Medium boned with sufficient substance. Compact and friendly. Medium broad skull, medium stop, medium width and deep muzzle with sufficient fill. Medium size, correctly set ears. Medium brown, almond shaped eyes. Dark pigmentation of gums and lips. Medium length neck. Broad chest, good depth of chest. Correct front angulation. Straight front feet, tight toes. Level back, correct croup. Correct underline. Good rear angulation. Good width of thigh, tight and well knuckled back feet. Correct length coat. Dark brown, well defined markings. Good front reach, good rear drive. Scissor bite. Grade: VP1  

Pele gained her title on the 10th May 2009 from very limited showing, finishing with Best Intermediate in Group. Pele will be having a break now to whelp her first litter.

Below at 14 months of age                          Below at 15 months

STOP PRESS: Pele was recently V Rated at the 2008 - 18th National Rottweiler Specialty Show under Gergana Atanassova (Bulgaria) at 15 months of age. Well done Pele.

Above at 15 months

Above at 3 yrs - not long after raising her first litter!!

Recently, Pele returned to the showring after a very big effort raising her first litter of 11 puppies. She was awarded Challenge Bitch at both shows and Runner up best of Breed. Go the pocket rocket!!!    

Pele's sire NRC(A) & AUST CH Ludendorf Erik


Hip Score 5 (2:3) Elbows 2:2


DOB 06/01/08     Photo at 6 weeks

Scout is our youngest Khia (AUST CH KALRISSAN CRIMSON MOON) daughter. She has all the makings of her mother; including high drives and 'a mind of her own'. She certainly wreakes havoc when left to her own devices, but thankfully, is very eager and trainable!

Scouts sire is MULTI V RATED BIS/ AUST CH LUDENDORF IONE, a very handsome young dog who is well known in the specialty show ring and now, the all-breeds circuit (See Ione on the boy's page). On beginning her show career, she was awarded best Baby of Breed at 3 shows. She is now a multi CC winner and well on her way to her conformation title.                          

   STOP PRESS: Scout has just received her first CC and Best of Breed at the tender age of 6 months and 5 days old, beating much older dogs, including my two American imports! Well done Scout, keep up the good work!

Photo below at 8 months

At the 2008 - 18th National Rottweiler Specialty Show, Scout placed 3rd in the minor bitch class out of 14 entries. She was one of the youngest in the class, and as is her style, showed her heart out despite being a little over-awed with the show atmosphere! She was graded VP3. Her critique from this show reads:

Six and a half months of age. Good height for age. Good substance. Excellent head. Would like to see more temperament. Medium to small ears, correctly set. Dark eyes. Dark mouth pigmentation. Excellent top and bottom line. Slightly long. Excellent chest. Strong pasterns. Excellent coat. Excellent markings. Free movement. Would like to see stronger top line on move. Scissor bite. GRADING: VP3  

Photo below at 2 yrs

 Scout has not long commenced the 2010 show season and has been challenge bitch nearly everytime she has been shown. She has just been awarded her Australian Champion conformation title, completing it with 3 Best of Breeds and her classes in Group. Well done Scout.

The photo's below are at just 2 years. We are very proud of this girl.

Above: L = AUST CH Kalrissan Dreamcatcher 'Scout'

Note: We would like to congratulate Scout's sister for recently gaining her conformation title - Well done Posh. Posh is owned by Debbie & Nev Blakeborough in NSW.

STOP PRESS: Posh was awarded V2 at the latest 2010 (October) Rottweiler Specialty show in NSW- WELL DONE Poshy. You have done us proud.

Above: MULTI V-Rated AUST CH Kalrissan Dreamweaver 'Posh'

Poshs' critique from the Golden 50th Championship ROTTWEILER CLUB of NSW Show reads:

2 years. Correct bite. Excellent size, strong. Good natured. Correct head. Excellent set and carried ears. Correct muzzle. Medium brown eyes. Correct mouth pigmentation. Correct coat, correct marking, better defined on muzzle. Strong neck. Correct top and bottomline. Excellent front, strong shoulders. Strong, nicely developed chest. Correct rear angulation, strong, wide croup. Correct movement. V2 - Ms. L. Mihajlovic (Serbia).


MULTI V-Rated AUST CH Kalrissan Dream Catcher 'Scout'

Hip Score 5 (3:2) Elbows 0:0

and MULTI V-Rated AUST CH Kalrissan Dreamweaver 'Posh'

Hip Score 4 (2:2) Elbows 0:0


DOB: 15/11/10 

Introducing our latest youngster - Kora is sired by Rottsdale Stop and Stare (Ireland) and out of our Multi V-Rated AUST CH Hawaii's Pele (IMP USA). Kora is very similar to her dam 'Pele' and is another little princess!!! She is currently being prepared for the showring and will debut soon. Below you can see some photo's of her as she is growing. 

Photso below at 6 weeks

Photo below at 7 weeks

 Kora's first show was the ROTTWEILER CLUB QLD's 26th Championship Show. What a way to debut!! Talk about pressure for a baby but Kora took it all in her stride. She was just old enough to be shown (12 weeks) and had only been on a lead a few times. Despite this, her excellent temperament saw her steady as a rock. Well done Kora. Her critique from this show reads:

3 month old female. Scissor bite with changing dentition. Dark brown eyes. Well balanced throughout. A feminine female head. Good expression. Sufficient strength of muzzle. Very good pigment for age. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. Sufficient boning and muscle throughout. Very good under and overline. Medium rich tan markings that could be better defined on pasterns. Very good hindquarter for her age. In movement, energetic, free flowing with good reach and good drive.    VP5

Sadly, Kora was bitten by an Eastern Brown Snake at age 13 months and did not survive. 

More of the Early Girls

AUST CH Kalrissan Hearts on Fire 'Tria'

DOB: 28/06/1997                 Photo at 2 years

Tria is a litter sister to AUST CH KALRISSAN FIRESTARTER 'Hanya' and AUST CH KALRISSAN TOUCH THE FIRE 'Tyrus'. She is a daughter of FERNWOOD QUEST (IMP UK) "Torrin" and AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE "Camilla". For further pedigree details, see Tria's sister's page (Hanya) below.

Tria was handled to her title by Melissah Taffijn. Her time in the showring was very brief, thanks to severe car sickness, which made travel with her unpleasant for everybody concerned! Consequently, she would only be shown at close-to-home shows, and despite this, did very well.  

 She has a wonderful temperament and lives with my sister and their family. She has a hip score of 0 (0:0) and 0:0 elbows. She produced very few puppies, mainly because we couldn't travel her far.

Her son KALRISSAN WILD COEUR "Koa" (by AUST CH BRESCOTT STORM BRINGER "Archie") was the only puppy in his litter and went on to sire my young Khia daughters AUST CH KALRISSAN CRIMSON TIDE "Freya" and KALRISSAN HEARTBREAKER "Mia".

 You can see them on their own pages. Tria, now at 12 1/2 years, spends her time keeping her granddaughter 'Mia' in line - no easy feat!

Photo at 2 years

 Sadly, Tria was diagnosed in June 2008 with bone cancer (osteosarcoma). Tria lost her battle with bone cancer in November 2009, aged nearly 13years. The following shot was taken just a week before her passing - she is sitting with her great grand-daughter 'Indi'.


DOB: 07/02/01    Photo at 2 years

Khia is sired by AUST CH KALRISSAN AMRA (a Remus son) and out of CAMEROTT SAVANAH MOON. Khia is our 'pocket rocket' and enjoys many nicknames (mostly depending on what she is up to at the time!!). Khia's drives are extreme and she can be seen from time to time scaling trees in an attempt catch the unfortunate Australian wildlife that has unknowingly tresspassed into her space! How dare they even move in her presence!!

Khia enjoyed a very successful show career, amassing nearly 800 points before she was retired from the ring following an altercation with a Nissan Patrol. In her usual style, Khia thought she could catch it, but instead found out that she may have actually bitten off more than she could chew! During her show career though, Khia was often seen at show level and was a Multi Best of Breed, Reserve in Group, Class in Group and Class in Show winner. Khia now divides her time reminding everything that they "shall not enter" or, can be found on her lounge in front of the fire.

 Khia's soundness (Hip Score 0 (0:0), Elbows 0:0) is a testimony to her breeding. 

She has whelped only two litters, but has surpassed our expectations. You can see her progeny on the following pages. 

Photo at 20 months

 Above Left: 20 months                            Above Right: 7 1/2 years

 Left: 22 months

Pedigree for: AUST CH Kalrissan Crimson Moon   


Hip Score 0 (0:0) Elbows 0:0

 Sadly, Khia became very ill in December 08 and was diagnosed with Grade 5 Lymphoma. She is missed by all of us at Kalrissan, especially her daughter Freya - they were the closest of friends. Freya, despite her grief at Khia's sudden departure (and 3 weeks of stress resulting in the loss of 6 of her unborn puppies) whelped 2 live puppies in January 09. Khia's amazing spirit lives on in her daughters Freya, Mia & Scout and hopefully their kids inb the future.


DOB: 27/12/88          Photo at 16 months

This website would not be complete without Yas - our first homebred champion. She was sired by our first Rottweiler KALASAIT GHENGIS KHAN "Khan" out of AUST CH BULLWEILER DONNA "Chloe". Yas resided with friends - the Godfrey family, whose passion was racing Standard Bred horses. Yas was regularly seen doing laps with the horses during their training sessions. She would not stop until everybody else did, often going from dawn to dusk.

She was very successful in the showring in her time, ammassing in excess of 30 CCs from limited showing and many reserves as well. She was Reserve in Group on 5 occasions, with even more Class in Group wins to her name. She was a wonderful mover and would still be going long after everybody else was tired!

She was mated to AUST CH KALRISSAN RISING FURY "Kayden" and produced a wonderful young bitch called AUST CH KALRISSAN SPELLBOUND CD "Cilla". Yas had a hip score of 2 (1:1).

Photo at 16 months


DOB: 12/11/90             Photo at 16months

Karma is a full sister to AUST CH KALRISSAN RISING FURY "Kayden". They were sired by AUST CH KHIVENIR TYSON "Tyson" out of AUST CH KATHJEAN LADI KARA "Kara". Karma was an enthusiastic soul, inheriting her mothers great temperament and spirit (and her good looks!!). Karma would be the first to greet people and there was no-one that she didn't like. In fact, she would greet you the same way whether you had just seen her 5 minutes ago or a year ago! She was always a pleasure to be around.

Karma was owned and handled by Caroline Williams. Karma was Caroline's first Rottweiler and she was titled befiore her second birthday, with many In Group awards along the way - Not an easy feat for a beginner. During their time in the ring, Kayden & Karma were often seen winning both tickets - they made a handsome pair. Unfortunately a marriage split saw Karma disappear from the showring not long after gaining her title.


DOB: 16/09/91         Photo at 22 months

Camilla was sired by BOCHOLT ARAPAHO OF CARANNA (IMP UK) "Midge" out of AUST CH BULLWEILER DONNA "Chloe". She was the only litter mate to AUST CH KALRISSAN COLD FIRE "Navar". Camilla had a Hip Score of 2 (0:2).

Camilla , like her dam had a very sharp temperament and took 'no prisoners'. Despite her hardness, she could also be very gentle and was a delight to own.

She enjoyed a very successful show career gaining her conformation title at the age of 22 months. She was frequently seen on the specialty pegs and was a Multi Best of Breed, In Group and In Show winner. She was Junior In Show at the 1993 ROTTWEILER CLUB OF QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. Her critique from the 1994 ROTTWEILER CLUB OF QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW under Mrs Hildegard Mikoleit (USA) reads:

Medium size. Good bone. Good head. Dark eyes. Scissor bite. Dark mouth. Good chest and forechest. Rear well angulated. Topline straight. Good coat. Markings good. Good mover.

Camilla's half brother Saxon was dog CC and Reaerve In Show and her full brother was 3rd in the Australian Bred dog class at this show.

Photos at 22 months

Camilla's value though was in the whelping box, producing three champions to our first English import FERNWOOD QUEST (IMP UK) "Torrin" - AUST CH KALRISSAN FIRESTARTER "Hanya", AUST CH KALRISSAN HEARTS ON FIRE "Tria" and AUST CH KALRISSAN TOUCH THE FIRE "Tyrus", and a champion son to our second import MULTI V RATED, MULTI BISS/BIS FERNWOOD TERMINAL VELOCITY (IMP UK) "Remus" - AUST CH KALRISSAN AMRA "Amra". These dogs are behind our current young stars. She also continued our tradition for soundness (see our hip page) with 15 of her progeny scored, four of which scored 0:0.

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Ice On Fire 'Camilla' 

Hip Score 2 (0:2)


DOB: 28/06/1997           Photo at 2 years

 Hanya, also known as HURRICANE HANYA was sired by FERNWOOD QUEST (IMP UK) "Torrin" out of AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE "Camilla". If I were to ever believe in such a thing as re-incarnation, then Hanya was an example of it! She was the image of her grandmother AUST CH BULLWEILER DONNA "Chloe" in EVERY way. If it were possible to stand them together, I doubt even we would be able to tell them apart. She had the same determination, drives, stubborness and loyalty as Chloe.

Hanya was always 'helpful' around the house - she would breeze around in her usual style, gathering 'things' for her 'prosperity pile'. If it was missing, chances were Hanya had it somewhere!

Hanya was successful in the showring, achieving her conformation title before age 2 years and again, consistently placing at Group level. She was 2nd in the Australian Bred bitch class at the 2001 ROTTWEILER CLUB OF QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW under Mr. Stubbs (IRE). Her critique from this show reads:

Medium size. Medium strong bitch. Strong head. Short and broad muzzle. Well carried ears. Dark brown eyes. Dark pigmentation. Very good chest development. Straight in front. Slight soft back ligamentation. Good muscles of hindquarters with medium angulation. Short coat. Rich brown markings not clearly defined on chest. Good movement. Scissor bite.

Unfortunately Hanya's time with us was short, with an unexpected diagnosis of stomach cancer before her 5th birthday, shattering our household. Hanya had just whelped a litter by

MULTI V RATED, MULTI BISS/ BIS AUST GRAND CH FERNWOOD TERMINAL VELOCITY (IMP UK) "Remus" (by casaerain section), due to obstetric complications, when she began vomiting continuously post-operatively. Only two puppies survived (who were hand raised as she was too sick to care for them). Hanya then had a partial gastrectomy to save her life, which she did well following, but the cancer had already spread and she was euthanased 9 months later. She did leave us a son though, AUST CH KALRISSAN DARTH VADER "Vader", who continues her tradition. Vader lives today with my parents at the Yelta Boarding Cattery. Hanya also produced another champion son to Remus from her only other litter - AUST CH KALRISSAN TERMINAL FORCE "Kalen". Hanya had a hip score of 1 (0:1) and 0:0 elbows.

  Photo above and below at nearly 5 years (6 weeks following her stomach surgery)

Pedigree for AUST CH Kalrissan Firestarter 'Hanya' 


DOB: 29/09/92      Photo at 13 months

Cilla was sired by AUST CH KALRISSAN RISING FURY "Kayden" out of AUST CH KALRISSAN KOTAR YASMIN "Yas". She was definately a force to be reckoned with in the showring, gaining her conformation title at the tender age of 13 months. Cilla was often seen at Group level and was regularly placed at specialty level. She was Best Baby Puppy In Group at the 1993 TOOWOOMBA ROYAL SHOW and in 1994 was placed 3rd in the Australian Bitch Class at the ROTTWEILER CLUB OF QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW under Mrs. Hildegard Mikoleit (USA). Her critique from this show reads:

Medium size.   Strong bone.  Well built.   Good head.  Dark brown eyes.   Broad muzzle.   Scissor bite.   Dark mouth.   Deep chest.   Adequate forechest.   Front straight.   Angulation good.   Straight topline.   Coat correct.   Markings correct.   Good mover.

Cilla then turned her attention to the obedience ring, where she was always placed and gaining her CD title with the following scores:

178 and 3rd placing

189 and 2nd placing

198 and 1st placing   

NB: These scores are out of a possible 200 and was against all breeds of dogs! Well done Cilla. This was quite an achievement for any dog and made even better as she was not even 2 years of age yet! She was also HIGHEST SCORING NOVICE for 1994 in her obediance club.Unfortunately Cilla sustained an injury soon after and was retired from further competition. Cilla was handled to both her conformation and working titles by Glenda Carter.

Cilla whelped a litter to AUST CH KALRISSAN KOTAR SAXON "Saxon", producing AUST CH TERRAC CASTA SPELL "Jordan", a multi specialty in show winner in her own right owned by Melissah Taffijn.


DOB: 17/07/97          Photo at 3 years

Dash is sired by AUST CH KALRISSAN COLD FIRE "Navar" and was out of a Kayden (AUST CH KALRISSAN RISING FURY) x Camilla (AUST CH KALRISSAN ICE ON FIRE) daughter - KALRISSAN CARVED IN ICE "Rumour". Dash was handled to her conformation title by Donna Carter, earning many In Group awards along the way. Dash possesses the same drive to protect the young as the dogs that have preceeded her and is even today seen shadowing and protecting the Carter grandkids.

Dash was bitch CC at the 2000 QUEENSLAND ROTTWEILER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW under Mrs J. Bloom (formerly the UK).

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